Sunday, November 21, 2010

Walking In A Freakin' Wonderland

I love Utah...honestly its not as bad as everyone thinks it is...its not some black hole in the USA, its not filled with crazy people...its actually very beautiful, alot of people I have met over at FR have told me that they have drove through it and loved it. I honestly sometimes cannot stand it here...but its usually because I grew up here and I honestly live "Where Everybody Knows Your Name"...never was a big Cheers fan.

Well anyways, today I woke up to this.....

Beautiful and amazing!! But not looking forward to when this wears off and becomes a pain in the ass.


Lacey said...

breath taking i love snow

Audrey Spence said...

It was gorgeous this morning. We have a lot of trees in our neighborhood that haven't lost leaves yet so sadly some of our neighbors have a lot of big broken branches but oh well... could be worse! Bring on round 2 and 3!

kelsey lauren said...

so magical! i wish we had that... the whole city would shut down- no class for me!

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