Monday, November 1, 2010

OPSEC blood boiling!

Ok, so I know the exact important's, if not the basics of OPSEC. I understand what I can and cannot say. Not only that but I know better then to listen to rumors, especially so close to a deployment. But dumb can people get???
I have seen so many peoples status's on FB say the countdown....Well I know for a fact that you don't know the actual date till 72 hours before...and why would you count it down? Maybe its just me, but I think that adds un-needed pressure. Not only are wives doing this but actual soliders!
Are you kidding me! I am sorry but my mother and my mother-in-law dont even know where Hubby's FOB is, I am trying to keep my mouth shut because I dont want someone to go off and blab and have them get hurt because I said something else I shouldnt of said. My mom and his mom will be called the day Hubby leaves to talk to him, and they will not know until that day. They know the window time and thats it. Other then that Hubby and I keep our mouths shut on it.
Yeah, I am still learning a lot of things, and yes I have been one to accidentally say something, but I always had another wife tell me that I shouldnt say that because of OPSEC. I have had friends post the actual dates and have conversations and things on it, and I got on there and said for them to knock it off, you have phones call each other!
I can't help it, it gets my blood boiling to know that people, who do know better that keep doing that stuff. Its annoying and so frustrating. I dont want things that totally could happen to my husband to actually happen!
So here I am...and I am just going to write what OPSEC means to me. Because I am sick of people not getting it through their heads.


OPSECT -  Operations Security.

We all know that you "Dont Ask, Dont Tell". When someone asks all you have to do (and I have done this many times) just say; 'I cannot tell you, all I can say is he is leaving, and that it will be sometime this year.'
Obviously you cannot keep everything a secret, as far as when the deployment gets closer, you need an outlet..but you do not post dates, and you do not share details. I have been very careful not to post where we are stationed at, until Hubby is gone.
Also if someone in higher command gets word that deployment dates, R&R dates, or Re-Deployment dates have been posted, they have been known to move up the dates, or even cancel them until further notice. 
Your best friends second cousin does not need to know when your husband is leaving. Keep it basic as to who knows what. Dont tell everyone! Yes people will catch wind that its coming, thats just how it works. My best friend does not know anything besides he is leaving. 
Also make your family aware of OPSEC, just because they think that one co-worker isn't a terrorist, doesn't mean they don't know someone who is. It doesn't matter, make them all aware that these dangers are real and have happened before. 
Its NATIONAL SECURITY that should be enough said for everyone.
Thats pretty much all I had to say on this. If you had any other words on OPSEC, I am always up for learning more. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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Ash@Life As Lucy said...

PREACH IT SISTER! I see this shit all the time, where even soldiers are running their mouths... when someone gets killed because of their stupidity--- then and probably only then will people take it seriously... Great post

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