Saturday, November 27, 2010

T-Shirt freak.

So I am a bit of a weirdo when it comes to supporting my husband, I am constantly looking at things to buy to show how proud I am of him, and more things to show that I am indeed a milspouse and to not mess with me ;)
I ordered a few shirts a few weeks ago because I didn't have any regular t-shirts that just said Army Wife on them, I know a lot of people think its clique or whatever but I don't really care, I think its fun to wear them and show my pride!
Hubby has always thought it was cute that I wear them, though I don't wear them when he is in his uniform because it looks goofy to me. I found some really cute baby ones and maternity ones I want to buy later on. I really especially like one that says "Daddy's Gift To Mommy Before Deployment" which is obviously so true!
I get my t-shirts from CAFE PRESS and when I received my shirts they looked amazing! They don't look tacky or look like the design will peel or stretch out! Which matters to me a lot because I had huge tata's and hate when my t-shirt designs stretch out!
Another thing I wanted to show you guys was what I threw in with my Christmas cards, since I didnt know I was pregnant when I ordered them I threw in a little card to announce to everyone that we are!


Lacey said...

yay!! i love the cards..and the shirts!

Celeste said...

Another suggestion: ... Awesome, cute tees that are traditionally screen-printed and all USA-made! (Of course, I'm a little biased, since I started the company!) :) (I'd also love any suggestions, since you're exactly the kind of customer--a proud military wife--I'm looking for!).

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