Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I got The Answers!

I thought I would only get a few questions and I was right, only 2 people asked me questions but they are very good ones!!
Lacey at *Guinn and Bare It* is one of my favorite bloggers! So I was really excited for her question which was...
Share some baby name ideas you have, and were they picked out when I was a kid?

 Hubby really has always wanted to name a boy after him so it would be: Paul Matthew ______ Jr.
which is fine with me. We decided that we would just call him Junior for short. I am not a fan of too many Matthews but maybe I will change my mind.
My girls name is super special to me, and I didnt even know I was going to pick this girl name until I found out I was pregnant. We originally had Marilyn picked out for our girls name, but a few hours I asked my tummy...Are You a Paul or a Marilyn?......right then I was like WRONG! I love the name Marilyn but it just seemed really bad! Hubby ended up agreeing with me. So for the next few weeks we went through a few names and narrowed it down to McKenzi and Emily. The middle name was sticking as Suzanne, because of my sister who passed away. After talking about it with my mom, I remembered my Great-Grandmother who I knew was named Emily, and I just kept thinking about it and realized.....its Emily! So if the baby is a girl she'll be names Emily Suzanne.

My second question was from Commited, over at *Commited to a Solider* who asked me 
What would my life be like if I didnt marry into the military? and what other goals do I have?

Well I wouldn't have met my husband with out the military, so my life would be a drastic change! I actually had always kinda known the military would be in my life, I dated a boy in the Air Force, and a guy in the Army before, but they both never worked out. So I would have actually joined the Army. Crazy to think about that now! But I honestly couldn't tell you what would of happened between Hubby and I, as far as meeting each other.
The other goals I have are really simple, I plan to visit every state! I would love to do it! Its such an adventure, and right now my biggest goal is trying to prepare to be a good mom. I have always wanted to travel the world, and it seems as if I married into the right profession because we can do that. Which makes me very happy, and I am being very patient about it.
So far the states I have been to are....Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, California, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Hawaii, Texas, and Maine!


Lacey said...

what a beautiful name!! i love it! I think it has a reall special meaning and thats what makes it beautiful!

kelsey lauren said...

emily is my lovely little sisters name... so i approve!! haha not that you're looking for my approval :)

Audrey Spence said...

I love using family names! Charlotte was after my mom's mom and her middle name is Analee so Ana after my great grandma and lee was what everyone called my dad's mom. Our next one if its a girl will be Lucille(Lucy for short) from your Grandma B's side and probably Collete for a middle name... combo of Colleen and Janet (Scott's grandma S.). I think Emily is super cute and Suzanne goes so well with it! Can't wait to find out what you're gonna have!

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