Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good Ol Fashioned B*tch Session

 I apologize for this, but its very well needed.

So I have been at home for almost a week....I havent enjoyed it as much as I thought I would. I really miss having my own space, and being able to watch whatever I want on TV, as well as cooking my own meals.
Right now I am living with my 2 parents, 3 Brothers, 1 Sister, 1 Sister-in-Law, and 1 Nephew so plus me that makes 9 people living in a 5 bedroom home with 2 1/2 bath. My parents house is a larger house...not a mansion by any means but we arn't all living in cupboards, and I knew the situation before hand that it was gonna be a little cramped...but freakin A!!
My little mini laptop is not hooked up to the wireless internet right now because its got so much crap on it, that Hubby gave me before he deployed, that I can't do anything with it leaves 2 laptops up in the house available for use..which always seem to be in one of my brothers hands, because if one is dying he needs the other one. So when I am lucky I am not stuck writting my emails on my blackberry, I learn to take full advantage of it...honestly 1st of January could not come fast enough for me to get my own bigger and nicer laptop. I need it!!
I got another brother...who I am not even a big fan of, I didn't talk to him or see him for about 6 years at one point, anyways! He knows I am hormonal, he knows he is the black sheep of the family (not just me who thinks that) and although I try to give him a break, because he does get picked on a lot, he seems to really want to make his mark in the family on the wrong person....and I am the wrong person. This brother and I have a really bad past, and for him to pick on me is so not ok! I am already hormonal, and my husbands deployed so I am really the wrong person to mess with. So when he gets after me which least 4+ times daily he is getting me back firing with you guessed it.....FIRE! plus my family backing me up and telling him to leave me alone really works.
I really miss living on my own...I know this is the right thing so I am not alone, especially when I am knocked up with a Hubby deployed, plus we will be saving lots more, which we now really need. Its better for me to stay....but let me just say......I cannot wait to move into my Grandmothers home in February so I can have my own damn room!
Grateful for all that I have, honestly. But Honestly wanting to go back to FR. Thats all for my bitch session. :)


Lacey said...

love the bitch session let it all out girly!

kelsey lauren said...

1. i just clicked on your blog only to hear bob marley singing! love it (usually i heard celine, and as i'm from canada i hear WAY too much of her lol)

2. your interview will be posted tomorrow! if you don't mind, i'd love a shout out when i post it :)

3. i'm sorry about living in a stressful situation! february needs to come quickly for the both of us!

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