Thursday, November 4, 2010


So yesterday went really well!!! I woke up at 7am with the Hubby, they arnt doing PT anymore, and we made him food and sent him off to work, and I whipped out everything and baked for a good 4 hours! I havent been on my feet that much in a while...shoulda wore shoes.

Well I started with baking my 1st pumpkin pie, which kinda started me off nervous...I first spilled the Ground Cloves all over me, which then put things on the floor, which I didn't want to clean up till I have the pie in the oven, so I kept getting the stupid things all over my foot. Then I was worried because I could put all of the pie mix into the pie crust...which I know better and its not but you never know! After constantly checking up on it, it finally looked and smelled like a Pumpkin Pie! I was very happy with the end results!!

So then came the Brownies and then the Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake, which I had also never made, but turned out to be quite easy!! Its my absolute favorite desert for Thanksgiving! I might need to make it more often. I was so happy with everything!!!

I arrive to my Girlfriends to learn that I need to go get my husband, and since they were still in the kitchen cooking I offered to go pick up her husband too. Which was fine with her, after I get both of the boys in my car, which is already crowded with Army junk. thanks Hubby :), They have both duffel bags with them and then a brand new oversized, I dont even know what you call it..but I can fit in the thing! Hoestly yay for the Army coming out with new gear every week...I tell my girlfriends husband I am picking him up, and he jumps in my ca, tells me how his wife doesnt know....well I just talked to her so yeah she knows...Apperently she didnt know?? So She went to go get him too, and called me and was MAD at her husband and was just frustrated. I felt horrible because I knew I told her, and he was in that mode of he knows its just frustrating, so it was pretty tense for a few hours. But dinner finally finished!

See we had a lot of stuff!! We all ate and of course us Girls got the dinner table since we did all the cooking! It was delicious!!
After dinner was done the boys wanted to watch a movie so while we were still cleaning up after dinner, the boys turned on a dumb movie...'ThanksKilling' beyond the most dumbest movie I have ever seen in my life!! Stupid corney lines, stupid killer turkey, and it was just horrible in many ways. So us girls put up with it for a bit, because I brought Sex and The City 2 for my girlfriend to burn onto her ipod, and they all knew we wanted to watch it. Thank goodness that horrible movie only lasted an hour! Then we got to watch our movie! All the boys were good sports about it, but my husband was not happy that we were watching it, and I got after him about being a baby with me after we had all just cooked a huge dinner, that literally takes ALL DAY to do. So he got on his iphone and played for a bit, which I didn't care I worked my ass off all day, I deserved some time off.
  Oh and yes I had to show you my plate :) It was really delicious! I am super glad we did this!! By the way...I had never had green bean casserole! It was really good, I am definitely going to make it for my Thanksgiving at home.

Yepp, 2 Thanksgivings in a year. I concider that lucky too.

So other then Thanksgiving, today is moving day! We are moving everything out of our house TODAY! Pretty pummed! We took our bed frame apart on Monday and so our bed has been on the floor..which makes me feel like a teenager.
My back has been hurting pretty bad, and I am planning on calling my doctor when the Appt. Line opens so he can check it out. Its been hurting for about 4 days now, which its not fun! I can barely tie my shoes without having to straighten my back out at least 1 once. I also cannot balance on a foot without making noises and falling over, which sucks when your getting dressed. I am pretty bummed I might have to go Tylenol, I didn't want to till I got moved back, but ya know how life goes. I don't want to take Ibuprofen, since I wont know till next week whether we will be expecting a little one. Here's for hoping but not getting my hopes up! I hope I'll be back in time for some Friday Fill-In Tommorrow!!!


Lacey said...

OMG i am so jealous..i want to eat everything on that plate right now!!! I made a home made all from scratch pumpkin pie this last weekend it was the worst experience of my life.. i wrote about it on my recipe blog under yummies if you wanted to check it out...once again i envy you

Ash@Life As Lucy said...

I'm giving you an award liz =]

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