Monday, November 29, 2010


So I know I didnt tell most of you but I actually started working 2 weeks ago. Its been really nice to be back at work, and is a HUGE escape away from my home, which as you all know sucks right now. I work in the shipping industry....GAG. No worries though not for the post office.
I have really enjoyed feeling like I contribute a lot more then just sitting around. I have no one to take care of right now, besides myself and although after the baby comes I will not be working again, right now I feel like I am doing my part. I am planning on buying the carseat and play pen with my own money, and when I get back to Fort Riley and Hubby is home we will go buy the furniture together. I think he should have a part in some of these things.
Working does make my days go by a lot faster, since I have never wanted to go to never interested me, and I guess I am old fashioned, I wanted to stay home with my kids and raise them myself and always have dinner ready for Hubby when he gets home....or at least started. I dont find it degrading by any means. My mom stayed home with me and my little brother and we both have a really close relationship with her now.
Anyways....I am realizing my life is getting really boring! and so it makes it hard to blog because I am working or sitting at home now a days. I thought maybe I would see if anyone has questions for me...I realize I don't have too many followers but one goal I had in starting this blog is that I would try to be as personal with my readers as I could.
All you got to do, is just leave me a comment under this blog post and I will answer it tomorrow night. I hope I get a few but if not its ok. I hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday!


Lacey said...

lets see a question.... how about you share some baby name ideas...i know you have got to have had some of your perfect names picked out from when you were a kid?

Committed said...

First off, I don't think your life is boring. It's idealic! I'm envious. I hope to be a SAHM one day!

As for a question... I love that baby name idea! That could make a fun post...

I guess I'm always curious about what milspouses think their lives would be like had they not married into the military. How would your life be different? What do you think you would do? Do you have any other dreams (that don't include going to college, obviously)?

Happy blogging...

<3 Hugs!

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